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Rewards Program


sign up!

Sign Up!

50 Crystals when you join The Wild Ones


earn crystals

Make a Purchase

1 Crystal for every $1 spent

Share Us on Socials

100 Crystals for Sharing Your Purchase on Social Media 

Make an Unboxing Video

300 Crystals for Sharing and Tagging Us on an Unboxing Video

Big Spender!

1000 Crystals for your first purchase over $200

Use Our Candle Return Program

Return Jars for Points! 


redeem rewards

FREE Pack of Wax Melts

500 Crystals

10% Off Total Purchase

700 Crystals

$20 Gift Card
1000 Crystals

Free 200ml Candle in our choice of fragrance
1500 Crystals

1 Month -Weekly Flower Subscription in Size Medium
3000 Crystals

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Return Program

Rather than waste the candle jars, send them back!

  • Earn 50 Cystals for every candle jar returned

  • For your refill order: Receive 10% off your return shipping

What you need to Do!

Return clean jars for refill. If you would like to try a different scent, please let us know otherwise we will refill in the same scent as candle that was returned. 

Once received by us you will get a text saying we have your jar and you will also be sent an invoice for payment. Allow 5 days for refill and wax to set in new candle.

We then send your candle back to the address provided by you.

And it's that easy to reuse and recycle. And a little bonus you get 10% off the shipping back to you which will be added to invoice.

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